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03 February 2030 @ 11:32 pm



21 August 2018 @ 12:21 pm
Title: I Wanna Love
Pairing: Nieljoe, Capji, Capjoe
Time: After promotion of Miss Right. While preparing for the Asian tour concert.
Chapter: Three

“Yah! Don’t you dare Choi Jonghyun!” Niel warned from where he was standing. The younger only smirked at him as he jabbed the elevator button. He growls low in his throat when the doors slide closed. He gave one last glare at the doors before quickly took the flight of stairs.

He was out of breath by the time he reached the third floor and realized how foolish he was to think that he can still beat Jonghyun to the composition room. The maknae was already there, standing in the door frame, leaning against it. He hadn't come in further and motioned Niel to do so. Niel tip-toed closer; his intention to slap the back of the younger’s head for leaving him behind has to hold back, as he could hear a distant conversation exited from the room. He took a peek through the gap of the door and saw the rapper line standing across each other.

“You can’t simply send me anything like this! Do you have any idea how things would be if Chanhee finds out? You know damn well that Chanhee will get hurt by this. Have you not think about his feeling? Does he not matter to you at all?”  Minsoo’s voice echoed throughout the room.

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21 August 2018 @ 12:18 pm
Title: I Wanna Love
Pairing: Nieljoe, Capji, Capjoe
Time: After promotion of Miss Right. While preparing for the Asian tour concert.
Chapter: Two

“Niel-ssi, what’s that?” The photographer stopped clicking the shutter. “No one doing that pose anymore these days. Give me something else.”

The singer brought one hand under his chin and placed another one awkwardly on Jonghyun’s shoulder, his partner for the photo shoot. He then threw a glance towards the photographer and saw his dim expression.

“Nope?” Niel asked innocently and the photographer only nodded. The singer laughed awkwardly and quickly apologizes, face flush with embarrassment.

He was never comfortable standing in front of camera lenses but he never been this helpless before. He just couldn’t focus on the photo shoot. His mind keeps on wandering to the incident in the waiting room.

“Let’s try with you sitting down. How about that?” The photographer suggested and Niel could only nod. His assistant quickly brings a wooden chair into the set.

After a few clicks, the photographer finally got what he wanted. He signalled towards him and Jonghyun that it was done before turning to his assistant. “Who’s next?”

“It’s Chunji-ssi and L.Joe-ssi.”

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21 August 2018 @ 12:03 pm
Title: I Wanna Love
Pairing: Danieljoe, Capji, Capjoe
Time: After promotion of Miss Right. While preparing for the Asian tour concert.
Chapter: One

Maybe, Daniel thinks, just maybe, it is kind of predictable to like Byunghun. He’s the face of the group after all – but of course he wouldn’t dare to say this in front of Chanhee – handsome, full of charms from head to toe. His small frame, although Daniel always makes fun of it, makes him look cute in whatever shit their stylist gave him to wear. His eye smile could melt just anyone’s heart. So no, it doesn’t really surprise him when he discovers about his leaders’ crush on the said member.

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So finally, Shinee’s back with first part of their 3rd album, Dream Girl: The Misconception of You. It contains 9 songs and later they will release the second installment, Dream Girl: The Misconception of Me somewhere around April. So here’s a quick review of the track. And of course, this is my opinion based on my personal taste, so you can disagree with me. You are welcome to share your opinion here but please do in a polite way :D

Okay, ready? Let’s go!

Spoiler: For me, this is a good opening track. It somehow gave me a strange kind of feeling as I listen to it – excited but scared at the same time. Mysterious? The song is about how they gonna makes us shock with this album. God, they sound sexy and seducing and cocky. They included the title of their songs on this album in the lyric and surprisingly, it does make sense. By the end of the songs (as Jjong sang tonight tonight tonight….) you know you’ll be ready to listen to the rest of the album…

Dream Girl: I agree that it wasn’t the best song on this album but it’s definitely not boring (since there were people describing it like that). The verse and the bridge are really catchy. It’s only the chorus I have problem with. I don’t know how to explain it but the chorus gives a different vibe from the verse and the bridge. But overall, it’s a decent song to become title song.

Hitchhiking: It’s been acknowledged that Shinee’s dance track would usually have a loud and explosive chorus and this song is no exception. So this is another upbeat track with striking chorus. All those adlibs will keep you busy until the song end. I think this song is definitely the hardest song to sing from this album.

Punch Drunk Love: Awesome song! I think is a little bit different from what SHINee had in the past album, no? It has more 80’s feeling with a real funky bass line. Very retro. It makes me wanna dance right away~

Girls Girls Girls: This song is too cute! It reminds me of WOWOWOW. Even if this wasn’t my type of music, I will definitely melt because of the lyrics. It’s about Taemin asking advice from his hyungs about girls. The fact that the lyrics were written to fit each of their character is simply tremendous. And how Jinki insists Taemin to play piano to get the girl is so freaking adorable!

Aside: This track threw me off the first time I listened to this album. It sounds like an old school love song. It’s not ballad, it’s more like a mid tempo song with a mellow melody which could easily become a great OST for k-drama. It feels out of place to have this kind of music in this heavily synthesized album. But it grew on me after I listened to it a few more times. I like to think that this song is to remind the fans about Shinee’s starting point and how much they have improved musically.

Beautiful: My least favorite song on this album. I dunno what exactly this type of music is call… is it house music-influenced dance pop? The beats gradually get faster before the chorus with some techno music? It’s really not my thing. But I still listen to it because Kibum’s voice is damn precious in this, heh.

Dynamite: THIS! THE MOST AWESOME SONG HAS EVER PRODUCED IN KPOP HISTORY ASDFGHJKLJH! Seriously this song is the masterpiece! The bass line is amazing!! The verse is so damn sexy! It makes you imagining dirty things with the boys like hip rolling or sweaty neck - And their voice! Jinki’s manly scream, oh god, I can’t okay! Why why why this isn’t the title track. They will sells millions, even if they just standing on stage like a statue while singing this song. Too perfect! (literally died in the middle of writing this)

Runaway: I don’t know how I should feel about this one. Somehow, it reminds me of Beast’s Bad Girl. It was heavily synthesized. Kind of give you the retro party feeling. But totally not feeling the rap part. Urghh.

Overall, this album is definitely worth buying. I am more than satisfied.  For me, this is the best album Shinee has come out with. Did anyone think their cover album is awesome? I personally think that everyone did really improve this time around. And Kibum’s voice in this album is really smooth especially in Aside and Beautiful. Seems like he knows now where to soften his voice. And god Jonghyun is so handsome with that brown hair. I really can’t wait for the chapter 2. But till then, Dream Girl promotion (performance, interviews, radio shows, varieties) will keep me busy throughout March. Life couldn’t be better :DDD

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28 October 2012 @ 11:45 pm

I don’t know the real purpose of this entry. I just have this sudden urge to see all my present and past bias in one post. I don't have much trouble with making a list but I cannot rank them, I have a headache every time I tried to do that. Maybe I can conclude something by the end of this post? Or maybe it will be fun to see the evolution of my forever weird taste of boys that keep on changing from time to time.

It's normal to be attracted to the outer appearance first, isn't it? Not particularly good looking, but as long as he got a pleasant looking is good enough for me. What makes me fall in love is really the talent or skill they possessed, be it their singing, rapping or dancing skill, owned an attractive voice, can play musical instrument, have the ability to compose song or write lyric, can act - all peak my interest at different level. Then come their personality. Personally, I'm attracted to bad boy type. But most of the time, especially once I fall in love with them, I managed to accept all of their flaws. 

Well, I have classified the boys into two lists; the ultimate bias for those who I’ve been addicted to and the official bias list for those who I have a crush on. Not much different?

When people talk bad about my any of my official bias, I’ll go like this:

And when they said something mean to my ultimate bias I’ll go like this:

Now see the difference?

Ultimate bias list

1. Eric Mun

Duration: Since 2002 until now.

Love at the first sight? Yes. I’m attracted right away.

Shinhwa is the first Korean group I know and what got me into K-pop. I was really into hip hop back then and it’s only right that I was attracted to him since he’s a rapper. Moreover, he looks very delicious in every of his photos despite the creepy hairdo back then. I had to say, he’s lean toward the bad boy type. What I like about him is that he looks mysterious on stage, kind of hard to approach and doesn’t warm up quickly. He is still hard to approach now especially when there is someone he doesn’t know or not close with, he tends to become quiet and like to observe. It’s hard to believe that he’s actually kind of retarded in his own way. When he gets into those moods, I just have to keep calm and face palmed myself and never question why his name still in my ultimate bias list.  But yeah, that is part of his charm. With all the epic sacrifices he made to save Shinhwa, how can I not love him?

2. Hankyung

Duration: Since 2007 until somewhere around 2009

Love at the first sight? Yes. He caught my eyes during his debut performance.

Though I wasn't a hardcore fan of Super Junior’s, Hankyung managed to catch my attention despite of being debut in a large group of people. I believe I only started to really pay attention to Super Junior during their Don’t Don comeback. At that time he got awesome blond haircut that makes me go unf every time I see him. Differ from the bad boy style he had at that time, I come to learn that Hankyung has total opposite personality. He’s shy, kind hearted, soft spoken (well, it’s Heechul’s fault that he learn how to curse), looks delicate but very strong and independent. Hankyung who can dance well, have the voice that I come to love, who often claim ‘He don’t understand Korean’ as an excuse for things he don’t want to hear or refuse to reply, whose eyes light up when he talks about his family and home, who silently tolerating all problem and obstacles. It makes me sad to see him leaving Super Junior but relieved at the same time to see him doing so well in China. I believe he’s happier there. I didn’t stop loving him, though not as passionate (wow, my choice of word, lol) as I used to be. 

3. Kim Kibum a.k.a Key

Duration: Since 2009 until now

Love at the first sight? No. I even tried to avoid loving him!

I've been shamelessly stan and pimping him for a while now. I’ve post the reasons here and here, so I think I don’t have anything else to say about why I like him. How I come to love this boy? Believe it or not, I tried to restrain myself from liking him before because he’s the epitome of my nightmare - a boy who is prettier than me, acted all diva-ish and like to wear pink. Urghh. I tried hard not to like him okay and forced myself to like Minho instead but love didn’t work that way. Kibum is indeed too hard to resist. Like babycloud_ai said, he's a concoction of sweet and spicy and everything nice and nasty. Just know that I never get tired of him because Kibum is someone who always full of surprises – be it his hair, his clothes, his songs selection for his solo performance – life will never get boring. 

4. Shin Hyesung:

Duration: Since 2012 until now

Love at the first sight? Of course not!

Urm, I really don’t know? One day, I was so happy that Shinhwa finally make their comeback after four years gone, and I re-watched a few of their clips on youtube and it happens to have Hyesung laughing his heart out and I asked myself, ‘Is Hyesung always this cute?’ Like I said in my previous post, he used to be my least favorite member of Shinhwa but I come to love him now (maybe slightly more than Eric? :DDDD), thanks to Ricsyung. Their tremendous relationship never fails to amuse me. I don’t know what really got me, but I really love it when he laugh carelessly or when he acted all cute or shy. He wasn’t that handsome compared to others but I think he got the cutest nose in idol history!

Official Bias List

2pm: Kim Junsu Minjun (yeah, I just have to get used to that) 

I love everything about this boy. Not only he got this crazy vocal dynamic, but what makes him really stands out from other singing idol is his passion for music. He's not just an idol who shines through variety shows. Don't get me wrong, I love variety shows but it sad when more idol today surviving with the popularity of variety shows instead of their musical talent. But that's another story. Junsu Minjun is the real talent who can produce his own songs and pen down his own lyrics - the quality that not much a mainstream idol possessed. Personalities wise, I think he is quite an interesting person. Kind of annoying though, with all the age excuses he used to avoid doing works :DDD

Mblaq: Mir


Honestly, I like him because he's so funnnneeehhh! For once I don't care whether he can make music or not (lol, after so much talk about how an idol have to have musical talent). But Mir is not talentless, okay? I never heard him singing with serious manner, so I cannot judge him on that. But he can at least rap, even though it was kind of awkward when he raps in a higher note. i wanted to get to know him because god, he was so awesome on stage, so charismatic, so decided to watch him on variety shows and God, he really scared me. I mean, how can such a handsome person doing everything that can ruined his image in one show? He's just so weird and shameless and I swear I could hate him but then, he's so funny you can't possibly not loving him. 

Infinite: Nam Woohyun

My puddle of grease. I fall in love with his voice almost immediately, so powerful. Honestly, I think being a bad boy or have an emotional character really suits him. No, I don’t hate his smile but when he isn't, he gave this sexy vibe? Anyone feeling me on this one? Lol. I seriously thought he's fit to be an actor (yes, more than Myungsoo actually) but at the same time, I don’t want him to go into acting line because there’ll be a lot of kissing scene and I’ll die from jealousy  I want him to focus on developing his singing skill (now I sound like his manager /sigh/). And he's also not bad at dancing. How can he’s good in everything?

Beast: Son Dongwoon

Kibum said his friend is debuting with Beast soon, so I was much anticipating Beast's debut at that time.  Personally, Dongwoon got an easy access to my heart since he is Kibum's friend. But even without that knowledge, I'm pretty sure he'll get to my bias list somehow. With that ridiculously good looking face, his tall built and big voice, how can I possibly not notice him?

U-kiss: Lee Kiseop

(Wow, except for Junsu, my bias list till now is filled with 1991 liner)

I really like U-Kiss but with the original member, I don't have bias member until Kiseop was made into the group. Because he seldom gets line to sing in U-kiss songs, so at first I thought he was just another pretty idol with average talent. He got a soft voice and his singing is not bad although not strong enough. But he sure got amazing skill dance. I was taken aback when I saw him performing a short robotic dance on this one show. I hope he'll get the chance to show off his dancing on stage one day. And I think he's pretty good for variety show too. He wasn't so shy and always know what to do to make it fun.

Teen Top: L Joe

I think he’s really good looking and got this strong bad boy image, even though he's short and super skinny. I get curious when people call him little monster. I guess because he get angry easily? I find it amusing how his mood can changes so fast  :DDD I didn’t know much about this boy but my eyes glued on him every time Teen Top I performing. I guess that’s what bias do to your life.

EXO: Kai

Because SM was like shoving Kai to my face with all those teasers before Exo’s debut, I really couldn’t help it and he caught my attention. He reminds me so much of Taemin except that he carried more matured vibe with him. When I see him dance, he wasn’t just dancing. It's like he's performing a story with his body and expression. He gets into his own world every time he got on stage and I couldn't take my eyes away from him. And when he smile, it just crazy beautiful. 

BtoB: Lim Hyunsik

I just found him a couple weeks ago when BTOB were making their comeback. Love at the first sight? Yes, because he reminds me so much of Kikwang. His voice reminds me of 2pm's Junsu Minjun and he can sing pretty well. I came across this video of him performing with a band in his school and I thought he's really awesome. What makes him really attractive is really his smile. He seems the type of person who didn't talk much and compose. I'm actually really curious of what type of person he really is. Well, I'm about to find out soon~

And that was all for now. Quite many huh? I have a few more groups that I listen to, but I don’t have bias in them like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang and B.A.P. Well, I can't conclude anything from this, can I? But I think my ultimate bias is quite worrying. They were quite a different type? Lol. Now how about you guys? Do we have anyone in common? Do share with me your bias list!

Gif credits to various tumblr. I couldn't remember where I get it, but if the gif is yours, let me know so I can credit you properly.

29 July 2012 @ 11:07 pm


There is something so awesome about their relationship. It’s one of a kind. I found their interaction is ridiculously cute and sweet at the same time. Even though their interactions are pure fan service, it was really hard not to fall for their antics. I’m always a sucker for a love-hate relationship anyway; pretty much describe why I could go cray cray over them.

Eric is forever my bias in Shinhwa while Hyesung, was my least favorite member back then. They are called oil and water because of their opposite personality (and this is why I don’t like Hyesung that much back then but he has change a lot!). Eric is childish and Hyesung is forever sensitive. They spend most of the time (especially in front of camera) arguing with each other. Maybe it was true that they couldn’t get along with each other at first, but now I think it’s just an act. After spending 14 years together, it's hard to believe they still awkward, right? 

So what so great about them? I don’t know but I guess the fact that Hyesung is playing hard to get while Eric just won’t give up? It's just so amusing when they really get into it. Eric even use the love-hate method these days to get Hyesung's attention. He keep teasing Hyesung to no end, knowing how work-up Hyesung could get when he got annoyed (which really entertaining, hehe). But Eric wasn't the only one trying to get the other attention. Sometimes Hyesung does it too when he's in good mood. Don't you think that the reason why Hyesung keeps telling people how awkward his relationship with Eric is a way for him to get closer to the leader?

The best part is, Shinhwa members ship Ricsyung too. Especially Minwoo, the president of Ricsyung club assists by Dongwan. Both of them had done an outstanding job in creating Ricsyung’s moment on stage, to be cherished by thousands of Shinhwa Changjo. Hyesung said the members knew how awkward he is with Eric and they likes to tease them too. Like those kisses and hugs Hyesung was force to give to Eric during the members visit in Hyesung solo concert. For Andy and Junjin case, I'm not so sure. As we know, Eric had a tremendous relationship with Andy while Hyesung favored Junjin more than anyone else. Though Andy already show his consent for Ricsyung when he told an epic story of drunken Hyesung and sleeping Eric. Maybe he got amused by Ricsyung but he never really tease them. Same with Junjin.

And no, Shinhwa is not new to me. I’ve been a fan of them for 10 years now, though it seems like I’ve been abandoning them when they were serving army.  And I never mention them here since I started this LJ (the truth shocks me, how can I not mention about them even once? T___T) but the fact is, this LJ name is origin from my former Shinhwa bias. Innocent = Andy; Hot = Eric. Now that I change to Eric and Hyesung, should I change it to Hot Crab instead? Lol, no.

I just hope that Shinhwa will gain more and more new fans all around the world.  I don’t find much fanfic or Shinhwa-related stuff on LJ. Please please please try and watch their variety show, Shinhwa Broadcast because they’re just awesome. And if you knew anyone who wrote Ricsyung fanfic, please let me have the link~

18 April 2012 @ 05:10 pm

I know exactly how it felt when you decided to watch a rookie group and deep DEEP down inside you know they’re more talented than your bias group but being a loyal fan, you would rather die than to admit it out. So you started to compare, point out their slightest mistakes and questioning their ability and talent. There is nothing wrong with comparing, I do that all the time but be rational. Be fair and don’t deny the fact. On the other case, I will only pay attention to rookie group when they had their follow up song (because mostly they have a great debut song and nothing else) before decide they are worth to pay attention to. So this is by far, my first time paying attention to a rookie group. When I went to EXO planet, I think I suddenly possessed an ability to foresee the future. And in my vision, EXO will make it BIG, muahaha.

Now, this review is focusing on EXO-K. I don't mind if you decide that you don't like EXO because their music doesn’t suit your taste or you generally doesn’t like SM artist, but if you say they are not talented, I beg you PLEASE, go to your eyes and ears specialist because I think you might not realize that you’re blind and deaf. I was totally blown away by Baekhyun and D.O.’s powerful voice the first time I heard What Is Love. They don’t sound like a rookie at all!

Now they have release a mini album with title song MAMA, which consist of 6 songs. I’ll give an easy 4.8/5 marks for this mini album. Gosh, I love every single track! My fave would be Into the World mainly because of the awesomeness of the choreography in the teaser. Moreover, this song is the least aggressive one, thus giving a different feeling and leaves an impact when I listen to it. It amused me to no end when Machine is said to easily become Shinee’s hit single because that was exactly what my sister told me! I personally thought that it would be better if they debut with History simply because the song is amazing already and the dance is fantastic. If they do, then maybe we will not be hearing people comparing them to their sunbaes because I have to admit that MAMA is the typical SM song which reminds me so much of DBSK's Triangle or SUJU's Don Don - but I doubt that, people will compare no matter what. But with dark ancient-superhero concept they have, MAMA is most likely the best song to introduce EXO to the world. I got obsessed with all these super power each EXO own. Kai is a jumper, how epic was that? :PP

I know how much fuss people are making for their lip sync during their debut stage. I don’t understand why either but that doesn’t prove they’re not talented. But when they performed MAMA live, they actually did pretty well especially Kai with his emo-scream. I don't understand why people keep on bashing them when they have an intense song and dance going on at the same time. Yes, there are several flat keys and broken voice here and there but overall, they’re good. Though it wasn't as good as Shinee or DBSK yet in my opinion, they still have plenty of space to improve.

So I haven’t decided yet who my bias is but so far I really like watching Baekhyun and Kai on stage. Both of them have attitude and perfect expression every time camera zooms in on them. Although I think, Kai leans toward the sexy image get up while Baekhyun tends to be more on the cuter side. I don’t know, I think I need to wait for them to appear on variety show. Maybe I’ll fall in love with Suho instead? :DDD

29 March 2012 @ 10:40 pm

Jinki – Everything about Jinki is gentle; his name, his voice, his smile, his face. And he got super generous heart, which I think is also his weakness. He might not have the charismatic look like any other band leader but that doesn’t mean that he is a bad leader. His soft-spoken attitude makes him even more approachable by the members. He possessed a great manner and always down to earth. The extra mark for Jinki comes from his Jinki Condition - which the member used to describe as mood killer, but really, I see it as an atmosphere maker. Though it not really funny when he got hurt during performing his body gags (really Jinki, just focus on imitating Jonghyun’s singing). Even when his ability to trip over some invisible thing is not escapable for him, Jinki has been seen more elegant nowadays. And hey, am I the only one who thinks that Jinki is real hot dude when he is angry or serious? Not that I have ever seen Jinki in that state but I seriously think that Jinki is so good looking when he’s serious. But then, when he smile, showing off his cute teeth, I was mesmerized~

Jonghyun – Jonghyun is practically a sex god of some kind – if I was to over-interpret what Kibum had said about Jonghyun being sexy icon during their debut days. He’s not particularly handsome or naturally a pretty boy but damn this boy is undeniably attractive. Sharp jaw and puppy eyes, tanned and sexy back, sweet yet so powerful voice, bad boy image up front but is the most sensitive guy on planet (read: crybaby) - it’s really easy to fall in love with him. He quite frank with his feeling, and I think that is the best quality in him.

Minho – To me Minho is the young lad who just can’t wait to grow up. This is why we see him more often than not, hanging around with cool seniors. When he’s with Shinee, he become even manlier – not just because of his height, but also the way he act toward the members. He give protection whether they need it or not, took care of his member a lot – like hugged Kibum when he cry or squeezed the tense muscles out of Jonghyun’s shoulders or help Taemin find his missing hand phone. Sometimes he takes over the leader position when Jinki is in one of his condition - making sure everything is in place. A very responsible and reliable member. Do I have to go over his perfect face? The only flaw I saw in him is his high competitiveness. His public display of eagerness to win over some silly game sometimes makes me want to smack his butt. Hard.

Taemin – I used to dislike this kid. But now, I just think that I must be crazy back then to ever dislike this kid. He is freaking adorable when he’s shy. He rebels sometimes but in a cute way (why do he even need to rebel? All he needs to do is ask and the hyungs will give whatever he wants without any question). What I like the most about him is how surprisingly calm he can be at times (apart from the panic attack he had over reading a few lines on a radio show) especially when they win an award. While the hyungs were crying a river, little Taemin just smile, took the mic and rephrase his gratitude towards everyone. Honestly, I don’t want him to ever grow up. I want him to forever be the baby everyone likes to spoil. But he’s growing up so fast! He’s becoming manlier than Kibum these days and Kibum have to adopt another baby to spoil who is less manly than him because- (cut because the rest is just an irrelevant rambling).

image credit to various tumblr (i cannot remember which, let me know if the pic belong to you :DDDD)

15 February 2012 @ 11:15 pm

I just need something to do to keep this journal alive. Taking these questions from Shinee 30 days challenge. There are two sets of question, so I kinda mix them together and skip some question that I don’t feel like answering. It’s Kibum bias, so be warned.

Your SHINee bias

My bias is Kibum, obviously.  If I look at my bias list (past and present), Kibum is a little out of line to be honest. I wasn’t attracted to him right away. I don’t know how I put up with the diva-ish attitude of his and I used to hate attention seeker but love is blind they said :DDDD

Kibum might seems like another pretty boy who is pretty good at everything but isn't the best at anything at first. But he got a strong aura emit from those cat eyes (yes, I have noticed his eyes first) and his habit of looking at the camera constantly while performing might played the trick to turn me head over heels for him. Apart from his porcelain-like skin, his ridiculously high cheekbones and pouty bow-shaped lips, I think Kibum is born with a gifted talent. Though his singing wasn't as good as Jonghyun, but Kibum have a voice that is a bit husky and nasal and deep which sometimes make him sound so sexy. He has a very distinct voice that you will be able to tell that it was him even if he just talking. Though he didn't have a vocal range that is as wide as Jonghyun's, I think his voice really sound good when he sing a low note. And because of his clear and sharp tone, his rapping appear stronger compared to Minho's. It's a bit unfortunate for him, however, that Taemin was chosen to represent as the group's dance machine when he is good at dancing too. I honestly think Kibum is a bit jealous of it but of course he won’t admit it.

But part of Kibum that makes me really like him is his brain. Sometimes after I finished reading some of his interview, I could not help but think – how old is this kid? How he view the life is somewhat outstanding for a boy of his age. He has a firm principal in his life and he doesn’t mind sharing his opinion about it - which often led him to make a controversial statement. Some people might think of him being distant and insensitive but really, that is just Kibum being honest or being too realistic. Sometimes, I find him really good with his words. His habit to rephrasing whatever Onew or Jonghyun had said with better words brings out more strength in the group's dynamic. 

I always thought that the best way to get closer to our beloved idol is through that ridiculous amount of variety shows. But it was really hard to say the same for Kibum; I think it will take infinity to really know Kim Kibum, the person hiding behind the stage name Almighty Key. Be it his behavior on stage or offstage, or his hidden talent, or his personal interest, or life philosophy - he constantly surprised me every time. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of him. His multi-image could make someone very confused. One moment he can be so loud and unreasonable, and another moment he’s the most calm and charming one. To imagine the members have to cope with him being demanding, outspoken and his constant mood swing, I felt sorry for them. But I believe, Kibum is more than what meets the eye. I just think that Kibum hasn’t showed enough of him yet. One thing for sure, that as I tried to get to know who is Kim Kibum, it was almost impossible to not fall for him.

p/s: picture credit to tumblr

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30 November 2011 @ 01:49 pm
             Decided to do Infinite 30 days challenge in one shot cause I need something to update my LJ. I don't want it to be dead even though I haven't update anything in the last 12 months? oh gosh. anyway, here it is.              

How you discovered Infinite

I watched their debut performance but wasn’t into them at that time. To me the song wasn’t strong enough to make me fall for them immediately (oh yes, it’s really hard to win my heart). But I still kept a few of the Dashi Dorawa performances because I like the choreography to that song. I thought it was well choreographed.

First favorite Infinite member

I love pretty boys, kekekek. So Myungsoo caught my attention right away. I think he’s cute back then when they were still nameless to me, and now becoming more and more charming with his piercing gaze. I also like those who is quite, only talk when needed, giving mysterious aura. And Myungsoo fit this category when I first saw him.

Current favorite Infinite member and why

Namstar Woohyun. I started to give him attention during Be Mine (thanks to the shirt lifting in the choreography) but I had always loved his voice. I started to watch their variety shows/interviews and one thing that restricted me from liking him is those excessive aegyo (because Woohyun-ah, you should be in charge of the group’s sexiness, not cuteness, leaves that to Sungjong!). BUT! But somehow those aegyos turns out the reason why I like him, especially when he’s doing it on purpose to annoy other members, heheh. Plus, he is having this BFF relationship with Shinee’s Kibum (as you know Kibum is my ultimate bias :P). I got really shocked to learn that he’s friend with Kibumie. Want to ship them right away but my bias for Jongkey is too strong. Ah, speaking of Jjong, didn’t Woohyun looks like jjong a bit? :P 
First Infinite song you heard/MV you watched

Dashi Dorawa.

Favorite Infinite song

Up till now, it is Paradise. A sorrowful song with an up tempo beat. The chorus is so addictive!

Favorite Infinite MV

Nothing’s Over. The MV is too cute. I really like the concept. Also, Namstar lifted up his bangs. He looks gorgeous.

Infinite song that makes you happy

Nothing’s Over.

Infinite song that makes you emotional

Can You Smile (Remake).

Infinite choreography that you memorized or want to learn

I think I would look cute dancing to Nothing’s Over, muahahah. I already memorized the dance. Next, I want to learn something that is suitable for a girl to dance. I can’t imagine myself doing the BTD’s Scorpion dance or those pelvic thrust they did in Paradise. I’ll look weird. So I think I would love to learn the Be Mine choreography. It looks tough thou.

Favorite episode of You Are My Oppa

Urm, I only watched the show once and I have a cut out clips of Ghost!Sungyeol scaring Woohyun (until Woohyun fell from his chair,lol). It should be that episode.

Favorite episode of Days of Infinite

When they have the Dashi Dorawa Funny Dance Battle in the Rapper’s hotel room. It was my first time seeing Myungsoo acted all hilarious. Hoya speaking English! God, it was really amusing with his mustache. He imitated Singaporean but he sounds like Japanese. And there’s Nam’s abs! And Nam’s butt!

Favorite Infinite photoshoot

I would say during the Vogue Girl photoshoot and the BTS. I love it when Hoya being a camera hogger once in a while. 

Favorite Infinite performance

My favorite performance would be Be Mine, especially when Woohyun didn’t lift up his shirt (so I don’t get distracted by it) and during the dance break, they will focus on those 3 dancers. I love to see how accurately in sync they were.

Favorite Infinite era

I really like everyone during Paradise. Simply because of the naked-chest woohyun of the suit they wore on stage during the performance makes them appear more manly – a gentleman with a broken heart. I think everyone looks the best during this era.

Favorite Infinite quote/interview

Should be the one about Woohyun’s thought on Sunggyu without him during Sesame Player. A Kim Sunggyu without me is like chopsticks without a spoon! Thread without a needle!

Best dancer in Infinite

I would say Dongwoo because he impressed me with his JYP’s audition performance. His movement is more fluid and effortless compared to Hoya. Hoya is great at making the choreography looks hard but Dongwoo makes the choreography looks so easy. He always looks like he’s very light on his foot.

Best singer in Infinite

Definitely Woohyun. His voice is really something and this set Infinite’s up to another standard higher than other rookie groups. His high notes are so comforting to my ears. His low notes are sexy. I’m still waiting for killer stage/song that can test/show off his ability as vocalist. So far he’s doing great and he’s improving more and more nowadays.

Most attractive Infinite member

I would say Woohyun because that’s why I was attracted to him? He got this weird combination of cute and sexy and people are saying things about him not being himself on camera make him even more attractive. It makes me really curious of what the real Nam Woohyun would be like. And L is naturally attractive simply because he’s so gorgeous and I have this soft-heart for gorgeous boy. And Sunggyeol because I love funny guy. He offers something other than singing and dancing – humor!

Funniest Infinite member

Sunggyeol. No doubt about it. His imitation of the owl never fails to make me laugh.

Cutest Infinite member

Sunggyu is the cutest when he acts like one. If he doesn’t, then it would be Woohyun or Sungjong.

Favorite Infinite pairing

Woogyu. But I tend to ship rare couple, so I secretly ship Hoya/Woohyun or L/Woohyun.

What you like about Sunggyu

I like him appeared as an abusive leader on the camera but in the real life, he’s just a soft-hearted leader who cared for the member a lot. And that he’s the closest with Woohyun.

What you like about Dongwoo

His contagious laugh. Sometimes it was not even funny situation, but I will start to laugh because of him! He used to be my least favorite member but now he’s climbing up to the top spot of my heart.

What you like about Woohyun

No. I will not going to list it down because it’s going to be 2 pages long and you guys will puke all over your keyboard after you finished reading it. So no. But this is one of the reason why:

What you like about Hoya

His eyebrows which remind me of angry bird sometimes :DDD. His charismatic on stage and a ho-baby off stage. I love his voice too. He sounds very sexy when he sings.

What you like about Sungyeol

His ability to turn every situation into a funny event. He's so witty. It's like his personality is the make up of his lack of singing skill. And his laugh is funny too. His laugh reminds me of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

What you like about Myungsoo

His pretty eyes and his anger. Lol, I really love it when he’s throwing his tantrum and being stubborn. Like when he yelled their manager to fix their broken aircond and how he insists that he got the dance right when he face Sungjong in Be Mine’s dance fight in Sesame Player. 

What you like about Sungjong

Sungjong got my pity the most because it seems like he was getting bullied most of the time. But I have a feeling that he wasn’t as innocent as I think he is. Hmmm… I’ll watch him closely.

Favorite Infinite group picture

Why you love Infinite

Why would I not? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

p/s: I got the gifs and pictures from various tumblr. If you're the owner, please let me know so i can credit you~ thank you.
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12 July 2010 @ 09:18 pm

Bad guy turn me on, kekekek~
14 May 2010 @ 11:38 pm

hello my f-list, i'm here to pimp my new community: kisekey .
this is a community dedicated to bring you a collection of gifs for
best moment of shinee's almighty key 


drop by kisekey  for more
moments of key
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26 April 2010 @ 02:20 pm

It’s been too long since I last update anything on this journal. For these past 4 months, my world has revolved around Key and nothing else. And yet, I haven’t post a single thing about him. I’m not ready to write fanfic about him yet eventhough I really want to. So I decided to go with something simple like to list down the reasons why I like Key. Well, sort of pimping Kim Keybum. And because these are my reasons, try to agree with me, yeah? XD. I will update this list with more reason, if I possibly left out anything or if I gain more information about this hottie.


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27 December 2009 @ 12:32 am

Changed my header from Geng to Key (what?!) Well, yeah, people do change and my heart did too, so dramatically. I've been into Shinee for quite a while now and have falling in love with Key quite badly and is really happy about it. The Almighty Key who is good at singing, rapping and dancing, so good looking and stylish, good at cooking and nagging, kind-hearted like an umma but act like a diva, his english is cute, very honest (to the point that I think someday he might hurt someone's feeling XD) but very smart in choosing his words, observant and random, act tough on the outside but really, he have a soft heart, and he reminds me so much of Kim Heechul, XDD  Now tell me, how can I resist that?!!

But don't worry, I still love Geng, maybe just not as much as before. I would still love to be keep updated with Geng's news, so feel free to message me about Geng in the future, just incase I miss something awesome. And also, I might not been able to continue my fic because my heart wasn't into it anymore (my OTP wasn't there anymore~ T____T). Because of that, I really want to apologize to my all readers, who have been following the fic and been very supportive to my works. (is there anyone want to continue my fic?)  I really really appreciate it. <3



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